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Monday, January 11th, 2016

‘The first European settlements, from Port Jackson in 1788 [1803 Tasmania], Moreton Bay, Swan River and Adelaide during the next fifty years were intensive…This meant a complete undermining of the Aborigines’ way of life’. Professor A.P. Elkin, The Australian Aborigines, Epilogue, 5th edition, 1973

1792 – December: Governor Arthur Phillip RN returned to England after a five (5) year tenure as Britain’s first commissioned governor of New South Wales.

Whitehall failed to appoint a successor. By default, the immense power invested in Arthur Phillip, said to be unique in Britain’s long history of colonisation, fell to the military.

‘For the length of the interregnum [December 1792 -September 1695] the British government was greatly at fault…[His Hunter’s] commission as captain-general and governor-in-chief was dated 6 February 1794…[but] Hunter did not sail until 25 February [1795]….arrived [Sydney] 7 September 1795 and assumed office four days later’. J.J. Auchmuty, Australian Dictionary of Biography.