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Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

‘Phillip was authorised to see to the defence of the colony…Military and police raids against dissenting Aboriginal groups lasted¬† from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries…These raids had commenced by December 1790′. Professor Bruce Kercher, History of Law in Australia, Allen and Unwin, 1995

2016 РSeptember, Manly Beach:  FAKE NEWSROAD RAGE Рviolence broke out on both the Harbour and Spit Bridges when cars were caught in giant grid-lock as Sydney-siders rushed to Manly where a whale Рas big as a bus Рhad beached on the sand.

1790 – September, Manly Beach: Real news – excited Aborigines and Englishmen rushed to Manly to marvel at, ‘a tremendous monster’ whale that had washed up at Manly. The stranding proved a tipping point in the near annihilation of a free people, Australia’s First Nations’ Peoples.