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Saturday, September 20th, 2014


Sydney Headquarters – 1790,  December 12:  ‘The governor pitched upon me [Tench] to execute the…command…those natives who reside  near the head of Botany Bay….put ten [10] to death…bring in the heads of the slain [and] two [2] prisoners to  execute in the most most public and exemplary manner’. His Excellency Governor Arthur Phillip Orders to Marine Captain Watkin Tench, Sydney’s First Four Years, ed. F.L Fitzhardinge, Angus and Robertson, 1961

Can we know what drove Governor Arthur Phillip’s ferocity? Yes we can – SIMMERING REBELLION WITHIN MILITARY RANKS. See: An Ugly War: Britain Versus The Other

Sydney – 1790 June: ‘Great change came with the  Second Feet of the first companies of the New South Wales Corps’ among them ‘Lieutenant John Macarthur  – a central figure in the military ‘mafia’ which quickly established itself as Australia’s first governing and property owning elite’. Nigel Rigby, Peter Van Der Merwe & Glyn Williams, National Maritime Museum Greenwich, Pacific Explorations, Voyages of Discovery from Captain Cook’s Endeavour to the Beagle, Bloomsbury, Adlard Coles, 2018

They were first of ‘twenty-five [25] regiments of British infantry [who served] in the colonies between 1790 and 1870′. Dr Peter Stanley, A Remote Garrison, the British Army in Australia 1788-1870, Kangaroo Press 1986

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Unless otherwise indicated Marine Captain Watkin Tench’s Sydney’s First Four Years ed. F.L.Fitzhardinge, Angus and Roberson, 1961 informs this narrative.